The importance of images

What are the images on your website, twitter stream, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, email signature and email campaigns saying about you, your product or your services?When someone lands on your website, the first images that they see will more than likely tell them all they need to know about you. Here are some things to […]

Paying attention to details – #orm basics

Before creating a brand, designing an online presence and managing channels of communication that you hope will be mutually beneficial… you need to know what you’re about.What is the reputation you have built, or would like to build? How is it tied into your heart’s passion and the goals and mission of your skills? This […]

Stay in touch – with all of your clients

With all of our gizmos and gadgets, our social media accounts and multiple email addresses, we clutter our communication channels and find ourselves engaging in meaningful conversations… far less.At the core of every single meaningful human relationship is meaningful conversation. With tech-clutter, it’s hard.At, we’ve developed our services around helping our clients stay in […]

Designed for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors should not be interested in SEO.The principals of Search Engine Optimisation favour online content that is original and unique. Whilst this is obtainable and workable in many industries, in the financial advice and financial planning industry – it’s near impossible.Financial planners need to be interested personal referrals.Contatto is a full-house, online communication service, designed […]

The importance of the personal touch

There is one big problem with technology: the closer it brings us, the less personal it becomes.Think about.Facebook tells everyone when your birthday is. No-one remembers it – but they wish you anyway. Your cellphone tells what your friends’ phone numbers are – you don’t have to remember them. LinkedIn informs you when a contact […]

Helping Financial Advisors reach their clients

One of the biggest problems of every financial advisor with a growing book is the time it takes to contact your clients on a regular basis and, have a good reason for staying in touch.Taking the time to design a well-written, properly branded email is extremely consuming and requires technical and design know-how that most advisors simply […]

Google ranking down non-responsive sites

We read this on Business Insider. If you have a website, you’ll want to read this too.Google is making a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone or tablet.The algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, […]